The Smart Reno team is well aware of the impacts COVID-19 has on the renovation industry. As we navigate through this uncertainty, we want to share some thoughts with you as we all navigate this rapidly evolving situation together.


First and foremost, our community's health and safety is our top priority. We do hope that you and your families are keeping safe.

Our website will remain functional and you can continue to reach our team by email or phone. We are happy to stay in touch to help you navigate through these challenging times.

Government imposed guidelines

As government guidelines are revised on a daily basis, we encourage both homeowners and contractors to follow the guidelines in their jurisdiction and adjust their normal way of doing business accordingly.

Some impacts may include:

  • Delayed projects for homeowners;
  • Delayed responses for new project submissions;
  • Delayed in-person visits from contractors for a quote;
  • Some materials may be temporarily out of stock.
What we can do in the meantime

Homeowners can continue to submit projects on our website, and take this time to thoroughly plan your home renovation projects to be ready once business resumes. As a reminder, Smart Reno offers a free Cost Estimator to help you plan your next renovation project.

We encourage our network of contractors to continue to engage in conversations with homeowners using alternative options like phone and video. Contractors can also submit quotes remotely, and help clients plan their next renovation to ensure they're prepared for the future.

Keep in touch

We want to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact our team who are available to assist you through any of your home renovation needs.

Stay healthy!

The Smart Reno team
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icon idea Tips and tricks

Is the roofing of your home starting to show signs of wearing?

After the winter season or during severe weather, it is common to notice some defects in your roof.

To give your roof the best renovation possible, call upon the services of Smart Reno: we find you the most suitable roofers to replace your roofing, with simplicity and efficiency!

4 signs you need to renovate your roof

The role of roofing is crucial in conserving a protected and dry home. However, only a well-maintained roof can properly protect you. On average, roofing lasts about twenty years before needing to be renovated.

However, the Canadian climate can have a negative impact on its life span.

In order to rest easy, we advise that you regularly check your roofing condition. When one or more of the signs mentioned below appear, don’t hesitate to call a roof renovation professional!

Missing shingles

Shingles can sometimes give way and be carried off by the wind or heavy snowfall. Remember to regularly check the presence of shingles to guarantee the waterproofing of your home. If one or more shingles disappear, contact a roofing specialist!

Worn shingles

Cracks and other defects are non-negligible signs of wear on your shingles. It is therefore important to monitor the appearance of ripples and signs of deterioration so you can react in time. If in doubt, contact a roof renovation expert.

Shingles losing granules

Granulated roofs are popular in Canada: resistant, they are recommended for regions that experience harsh winters. However, they are not immune to wear and tear. You should monitor the condition of your granules, and consider a roof renovation in the event of disappearance or suspicious moisture infiltration.

Flashings in poor condition

Skylights, although aesthetic and popular, are one of the more fragile areas of your roof. It is important to keep a close eye on the flashings surrounding windows: in case of wearing, safety can be compromised! Roof repairs will have to be undertaken to ensure the durability of your home.

No matter your need or project, Smart Reno allows you to find the best experts in your area in just a few clicks!

Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises! Don’t hesitate to contact us, tell us about your project and find the right contractors for you!