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Thinking about starting renovation work on the masonry of your home?

Smart Reno helps you get in touch with the best masonry experts in your area. No more stress and bad surprises! Plan your renovations in peace and serenity!

Why trust a masonry contractor to complete work at your home?

Canadian residences are subject to harsh variations in climate each year and these wintry conditions risk damaging your masonry.

To plan the necessary repairs and renovations for the well-being of your home without hassle, Smart Reno is here to help. We quickly help find you the in your area.

Here are some jobs for which we recommend calling a masonry contractor:

Repairing a bulging wall

This common masonry concern is characterized by an extended outwardly-inflated area of a wall. Depending on the size of the bulge on the wall siding, the skilled mason will either repair or replace the structure. However, it is important to act quickly to not threaten the solidity of the building!

Building a brick wall

Whether it is the renovation of an existing brick wall or the construction of a new one, the skills of bricklayer masons recommended by Smart Reno are perfectly matched to the work. You can also consider building an interior brick wall, an attractive feature that is very much in style today.

Lightening and breakage of lintels

Lintels are rarely talked about, but behind these little-known names are hidden the pieces at your window borders. These pieces subject to cracks and other signs of wearing. In case of doubt about the strength of your lintels, it is important to call a masonry contractor quickly to avoid risks to your home.

Cracked brick walls

The formation of considerable cracks on some brick walls is no trivial matter. Though some do not threaten the strength of your walls, it is still advisable to have them diagnosed by a qualified mason as only he can advise you on the right procedure to follow.

Choose a solution that combines speed, savings and trust with Smart Reno's services, and work with the best bricklayers in your area! Contact us for more information or to submit your renovation projects!