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The exterior siding of houses is subject to severe hardships during Canadian winters.

When it begins to fall apart, replacing the siding of your home is recommended. To greatly simplify this task, Smart Reno helps you find the best contractor near you with a reliable and fast service!

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Different exterior siding options for your home

Generally, the first criterion when the choosing a new exterior siding is the look of it. However, your choice also plays an important role in the durability and preservation of your home!

We advise you to call on a qualified contractor to best advise you during your renovation project to ensure you make the best possible choices! Only an exterior siding expert can give the necessary guidance and recommend the best choice according to your needs, your desires and your ideas.

Here we present some examples of materials used to fit your home:

Stone exterior siding

Renowned for its aesthetic and timeless appearance, stone is very popular in Canadian exterior siding. It offers an optimal soundproofing, as well as good resistance over time. It is guaranteed to please!

Wooden siding: modernity assured

Although frequently used in flooring, wood is also very popular when installed as a wall siding! Its rustic look is very popular, especially when it comes to fitting a cottage. Be careful, however, to choose good quality wood to ensure the durability of your siding!

Fiber cement: a highly popular choice!

The harsh Canadian winters push us to choose the most solid and durable exterior siding to resist the passage of time. Fiber cement easily meets these criteria, making it an increasingly fashionable siding for many residents of Canuck Land.

Other types of exterior siding

Many alternatives exist - aluminum, brick, or even stucco - so let your imagination wander! For an even more pleasing aesthetic effect, consider complementing your exterior siding with the landscaping of your garden: this will have a guaranteed attractive result!

With Smart Reno, find a qualified contractor with our fast, reliable service. Even the most ambitious projects are welcome!

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