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Although often used as a storage room, the basement is a great space to add value to your home.

Smart Reno guides you to the best basement renovation contractors to create a unique living space in your home! No more holding back and dealing with incompetent contractors: we only recommend the best for your projects!

Things to consider before renovating your basement

Want to give new life to your basement? The possibilities are endless! From a simple home office to a full living space, these improvements will give your home significant added value.

Trust the expertise of Smart Reno, we can refer you to the best specialists in your area while guaranteeing you a fast and reliable service.

Here are the things to consider before starting your renovation.

Ceiling height

In most cases, the pipes used to transmit hot water and heating take a significant amount of room and lower the ceiling. It is therefore important to verify that this factor, in relation to the addition of a floor, does not impair your basement renovation projects.

Ground leveling

Some basements were not originally designed to be livable. Among them, we find spaces in which the ground is not level or is slanted. Is your basement one of these special cases? Tell us about it in your project summary, and we'll find a renovation expert accustomed to this type of work!

Humidity level

What happens when there is moisture in your basement? This should be considered if you decide to integrate a bathroom in this new space.

Before you start planning this part of your home, we advise you to check the effectiveness of your insulation: it would be a shame to damage your newly renovated room because of humidity!

Lighting to be planned

Basements are generally darker than the rest of the house. Carefully check the light sources available to you: basement windows, suitable lighting, etc. For a pleasant living space, your room should be bright enough!

Smart Reno will assist you throughout your efforts to help you make your basement a pleasant, sound and sustainable living space! Don’t hesitate any longer and embark on the great adventure of renovation! We will quickly find you a qualified contractor who will listen to your concerns and take your project to the next level.