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Has your foundation become cracked and worn down with time? Or have you noticed water infiltration into your home?

Don’t panic! Smart Reno is dedicated to finding the best foundation repair specialists in Canada!

4 recurring concerns about foundations in Canada

Canadian homes are confronted each year by large climatic variations in the country. While some homes survive unharmed, others will suffer significant damage.

Frost and thaw periods often lead to the appearance of foundation cracks and other related issues.

When spring arrives, be on the lookout for the five following problems:

The appearance of foundation cracks

Easy to spot, foundation cracks are the most common concern on the bases of Canadian homes. Not all of them are dangerous, but it is recommended that a foundation repair expert be consulted to ensure that proper measures are taken. Only a professional will be able to tell you if the cracks in your foundation are active (in this case, an immediate repair is recommended) or passive (and less dangerous).

Moisture concerns due to water infiltration

As the warm weather returns, melting snow creates a high level of humidity at the bases of Canadian homes. Therefore, it is not uncommon to encounter water infiltration in foundations. Check the edges of your windows and the condition of your wooden floors. If you notice any signs of warping, have your foundations check by a specialist.

Contaminated foundations

There are many cases of contaminated concrete in Canada. Pyrite, which is sensitive to moisture, is the primary cause of defects that degrade the quality of foundations. Pyrite contamination causes swelling of basement floors and cracks containing a white powder. At the onset of these symptoms, we recommend you act quickly!

Sinking foundations

Bad weather conditions or the presence of clay soil are two known causes of sinking foundations in Canada. If you suspect an imbalance at the base of your home or if it becomes difficult to close doors and windows, contact a specialized contractor quickly!

Ask a specialist to diagnose the condition of your concrete foundation to find out what measures need to be taken.

Trust Smart Reno expertise and let us recommend you the best foundation repair contractors to take care of your home.

Contact us now if you have any doubts about the strength of your foundations or to submit a simple renovation project!