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Like many other Torontonians, are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring every year to plan your landscaping services?

Use Smart Reno's services to find the contractor that will help you win the prize for best exterior design in your neighbourhood! Finding a professional has never been so fast and easy!

Landscaping service success in 4 steps

To benefit from landscaping services that meet your expectations, you will need to find a professional capable of turning your landscaping dream into a charming reality. To achieve this, Smart Reno is the easiest and most effective way to discover the rare gems among Toronto's many contractors. Follow the 4 steps below to ensure the flawless realization of your custom outdoor space!

Establish your landscaping plan

As a first step, make sure you have a specific plan in mind of what you are considering in terms of landscaping services for your property. This includes everything from choosing flowers to selecting the decorative stones and mulch you will use, as well as things like the addition of a garden fountain.

Lay down all your ideas on paper so you don’t lose sight of the designs you have in mind when it comes to actually decorating your outdoor space.

Confirm the feasibility of your plan

Each neighbourhood and each suburb has its own set of landscaping rules to follow. In a big city like Toronto, there may be varying differences in regulation, depending on where you live. If necessary, take the time to present your ideas to a municipal officer to ensure that they meet all requirements.

Talk with your landscaper before starting work

Take time to discuss your expectations and requirements with your landscaper before the work officially begins. Go over your plan in detail with them and make sure they understand what you expect in terms of an end result.

Even the best landscaping contractors won’t be able to accurately guess what vision you have in mind. This is why it is important to give as much detail as possible!

Consider outdoor maintenance

Undoubtedly, the beauty your property will delight you from the first day of summer to the beginning of winter. Don’t forget, however, that your outdoor area will need to be maintained on a regular basis. If you feel you won’t have time to do this, consider hiring a gardener or landscaper to do the maintenance for you.

Smart Reno makes the search for a competent landscaping contractor easier than ever in Toronto, and it's completely free! For any questions related to our services, read our FAQ section to learn more. Don’t wait any longer, submit your project today  and get free quotes in few days!