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The kitchen is one of the central rooms of a home. Taking this into account, it’s important to plan your renovations very carefully. A poorly managed project can quickly become a catastrophe and cause significant financial losses.

Smart Reno helps you find the best kitchen renovation professionals in the Toronto area to prevent project mismanagement.

Avoid doing business with careless and incompetent contractors. Our selection requirements ensure a trustworthy and professional work relationship between you and your contractor.

The key points of kitchen renovation in Toronto

Planning a kitchen renovation can sometimes lead to reluctance and hesitation. When a central part of the home is under construction, it tends to interfere with your daily routine.

In order for the work to be carried out quickly and efficiently, it is important to carefully choose a trusted expert for your project.

Smart Reno is committed to making your project as stress-free as possible by recommending three Toronto-based contractors who are available, highly qualified and motivated. Planning your renovation has never been easier! We help you make your project a success and avoid unwelcome mishaps.

What should you prioritize when renovating your kitchen? Let’s take a look:

Appliance selection

Refrigerators, ovens and other appliances will have to fit in pre-defined spaces. In light of this, it is best to choose them before you begin so you can plan your kitchen while taking into account the amount of space they will take up. This also helps you identify any potential extensions that may be needed.

Storage amount

To avoid calling a handyman to install extra cupboards after the work is completed, you should plan the right amount of storage space from the beginning.

Toronto families generally have a large amount of kitchenware and therefore need a generous number of cupboards and drawers.

Central island or traditional kitchen?

Did you know that kitchen islands are highly popular in Toronto? This should come as no surprise, considering their exceptional convenience and style.

If you find yourself tempted by one, your qualified contractor will have all the information you need.

Good lighting is essential

How do you expect to cook on a gloomy winter evening without proper lighting? If the number of windows in your kitchen doesn’t do the trick, adding good quality lighting in the right areas will provide comfort and clarity when prepping your meals or grabbing a midnight snack.

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