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4 things to consider when planning your home addition project

The arrival of a newborn child, the completion of a personal project, any reason is a good one when it comes to planning a home addition!

With over 2.6 million citizens, the Greater Toronto Area has a large number of construction contractors who offer different specialties when it comes to home additions. Whether you're based in Peel, Durham or downtown Toronto, Smart Reno will help you find the best local contractors.

Consider adding an extra floor

When we think about about home additions, we often limit ourselves to considering horizontal-level additions, but it is also possible to increase the space in your home by adding an additional floor! It’s the perfect solution for adding a new room!

Adding an extension to a section of your home

Have you always found your living room to be too small? Finally, you can remedy the situation by planning the addition of an extension that will complement any existing rooms. Talk to your contractor about the best way to integrate the addition into your existing structure.

Add a sun room or a new veranda

With its four different seasons, Toronto is known for its beautiful scenery throughout the year. By adding a room filled with large windows: a sun room or a veranda, you can fully enjoy the beauty and splendor of Mother Nature. You can also, for example, add a dining room or a relaxation area to your living environment.

Remodel your basement space

Who said you had to add an extension to enlarge your house? Opt instead for remodelling your basement to take full advantage of the existing space. Adapt it to your needs: you can, for example, convert it into an extra storage space.

When it comes time to find a trusted contractor, let Smart Reno do the research for you.

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