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Need to do or renovate the foundation of your home?

With Smart Reno, you can find a contractor who is specialized in building, inspecting or renovating your foundations and ensure a long life for your home. Submit your project today and find the best experts in the Toronto area. It's simple, effective and free!

The 4 warning signs of a foundation that must be repaired

An unrepaired crack in the foundation of your home can potentially threaten the stability of the dwelling and lead to unexpectedly high costs.

If you notice any of the 4 following symptoms, don’t waste any time and use Smart Reno to quickly find a qualified Toronto area contractors who can repair the damage to your foundations.

A crack along the foundations

When inspecting your home, take notice of any cracks in the foundation. Only a certified expert will be able to evaluate the degree of potential danger posed by the crack and make recommendations on how to repair it. Even if the damage seems minor at first glance, a foundation crack can sometimes hide a much more serious issue and it is therefore important to rely on the advice of reputable experts in the field. The stability of your home and the safety of your family depend on it!

Moisture infiltration

Each year, the spring thaw that comes before the return of the summer also shines a spotlight on the problem of moisture infiltration found in many Toronto homes. If you find yourself in this predicament, you may find swelling along the windows of your home or the formation of bumps under your floors.

Soil contamination and its impact on your foundations

Becoming a persistent problem over the years, pyrite contamination has been a significant challenge for many homeowners in major urban centers such as Toronto. Be aware, however, as other types of soil contamination can also weaken the foundations of your home.

Home foundation subsidence

Depending on the type of soil on which your house is built, the foundations of the house may sag due to wear and tear or the changing climate from season to season. This can easily happen without warning!

With Smart Reno, you can find the best experts in the field of foundation repair, inspection and maintenance in the Greater Toronto Area.

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