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Since its inception, Smart Reno has built an extensive network of contractors in all areas of construction, from masonry to exterior siding and home extension. Our experts meet strict quality criteria to ensure that only the best professionals in Toronto are referred.

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Are your floors worn out and need to be renovated?

Smart Reno helps you get your project started quickly. We help you find the best contractor to redo your floor. Don’t waste time calling dozens of experts to make your choice: we’ll take care of it for you. Due to our strict quality requirements, your project will be in good hands.

Common types of flooring renovation in Toronto

Floors should be decorative, while also providing lasting durability against everyday deterioration. When it comes time to redo your floor, you might find yourself asking: who can I trust with this delicate task?

Smart Reno recommends the most qualified experts to carry out your project. Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of contractors available in the Toronto area? Let us pre-select them for you. We have precise quality requirements that enable us to offer the most capable professionals.

Discover the type of work regularly entrusted to our experts:

Leveling a sloping floor

During old home renovations in Toronto, buyers are regularly confronted with slightly uneven floors. A flooring expert is required to fix this defect and prepare the space to be properly renovated.

Tile installation

Tile flooring is often found in the bathroom because of its resistance to humidity. It is not complicated to install but requires a significant time investment if you don’t have the experience.

Floating floor installation

Floating floors can often be found in Toronto's modern homes. Soaring in popularity as of late, they can be easily adapted to all types of decoration: modern, rustic, clear or dark paint and more. Consider this flooring if you want flexibility.

Linoleum installation

Are you renovating a game room or child’s bedroom? If so, opt for linoleum flooring. It is easy to maintain, available in many colors and designs and can withstand impacts and repeated friction without losing its aesthetic quality.

Now that you have a firm grasp of flooring installation and renovation, you can proceed to the next step and contact Smart Reno to be connected with the best experts in Toronto.

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