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We know that embarking on a renovation project can be frightening at first. Rest assured, Smart Reno will help you confidently get started! Our teams recommend the best basement renovation experts in the Toronto area. You can move your project forward without fear of unpleasant surprises and get it done on time!

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There are near-limitless possibilities for redesigning your basement in Toronto.

A fully renovated basement is also a great way to increase the value of your home! Smart Reno gives you the opportunity to work with trusted contractors to ensure that your project is an all-around success.

Things to consider before renovating your basement

Many renovations can be made to your basement including a guest room, a child’s bedroom, a game room or an office. However, it can be difficult to set these projects up without the help of a qualified professional.

Once you’ve determined your basement renovation project, contact Smart Reno. We’ll take care of finding the best Toronto contractors to complete your project. We guarantee you will be matched with a qualified and motivated professional that will get your project done on time.

Here are some things to consider before renovating your basement:

The importance of ceiling height

Toronto basements usually house a large amount of plumbing. This takes up space and reduces your ceiling height so it’s important to ensure you have enough room for the project you have in mind.

Uneven basement floors

Floors in old Toronto homes may require a lot of work if they are improperly installed or uneven. If this is the case in your basement, let us know when submitting your project and we will recommend an experienced flooring renovation contractor.

Basement humidity

Poor quality masonry in your home’s foundation can cause excess moisture in your basement. Fortunately, our masonry experts can waterproof the area you want renovated and eliminate the problem.

Basement brightness

Toronto's basements seldom provide enough light. If this is an issue, installing windows, using lighter paint colors and having good quality lighting can provide enough brightness for all seasons.

Looking for speed and reliability? The Smart Reno team is here for you! Renovate your basement with peace of mind using our network of skilled and motivated contractors in Toronto.

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