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It is generally estimated that your roof will last for about 20 years. However, the fickle climate of the Quebec City area can be very hard on your roof covering. This is why it is important to periodically inspect the condition of your roof framework to ensure that everything is properly in place!

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From missing roof shingles to water leakage – is your roof starting to show signs of damage? Let the experts at Smart Reno find you trusted contractors for the renovation or replacement of your roof in Quebec City!

If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact a contractor to renovate your roof as soon as possible!

Rain and snow damage to your framework

Whether due to the weight of snow in winter or under the stress of autumn winds, your roof can suffer damage throughout the changing seasons It is important to have your roof inspected, as many parts of it can be exposed to severe damage.

Worn-out shingle

After a few years, it is quite possible that some of the shingles in your roof will wear out and become ineffective in protecting your roof covering from water leakage. This means that even the slightest ripple detected on the surface of your roof should be taken seriously and properly inspected by a roofer.

Poor condition of flashings

For some years now, skylights or roof windows have become increasingly popular in real estate construction. It is therefore essential to periodically check the condition of the flashings surrounding these structures to detect any signs of damage. Damaged flashings inevitably require rapid roof renovations to avoid much greater problems.

Roof deformation

Your roof is subjected to many constraints which, when accumulated, can weaken the entire structure. The presence of sagging in your roof indicates a support problem or significant deterioration of your roof.

With Smart Reno, you can find the ideal contractor in Quebec City for the renovation or replacement your roof. The experts we recommend are carefully selected and will help you in choosing your new roof covering.

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