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Is the masonry of your home beginning to show deterioration?

To find the best masonry contractor in the Quebec area, trust Smart Reno. We will recommend the most experienced masons free of charge for the realization of your project!

Why trust an expert mason to do work at your home in the Quebec City area?

As the second most populous city in Quebec, it is not surprising that many of the city's workmen say they are certified for your stone and brick work.

As these materials affect the solidity and durability of your home, it is necessary to choose a masonry contractor who truly holds the required qualifications. The safety of you and your family depends on it!

That's why Smart Reno has built an extensive network of certified masonry professionals in the Quebec City area. They are able to undertake all projects related to the stone and brick structures around your property, including the following types of work.

Bowing brick wall

A bowing brick wall results from the swelling of the bricks of the exterior walls of your home. This problem is often seen in regions with a severe climate, with Quebec City being a good example. It is essential to call on certified professionals to carry out these repairs.

Brick wall construction

Whether for the repair or construction of a new brick wall, masonry contractors are the professionals you need! Contractors guarantee solid bricklaying and lasting results.

Lintel and frame damage

Cracks and deterioration can also be created on the lintels and frames that line your windows. For greater safety, it is strongly advised to contact a reliable masonry contractor as soon as the first signs of wear and tear appear. The city of Quebec is full of buildings made of stone and brick since these natural materials are particularly resistant and enhance architectural aesthetics. On the other hand, climate and the stress of weight over the years have certain effects on these structures.

To ensure your safety and that of your loved ones, it is important to repair or replace all structures showing signs of deterioration. All masonry contractors in the Quebec City area who work with Smart Reno are qualified and reputable in the field of ​​masonry. Contact Smart Reno with any questions or submit your project now!