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Primarily renowned for its breathtaking winter landscapes, Quebec City is completely transformed into a paradise for lovers of gardening and horticulture once the cold season is over.

For all your landscaping needs, let Smart Reno help you find the best landscaping contractors in the Greater Quebec City area. This summer, invite your neighbours, relatives and friends to relax in your breathtakingly manicured landscape.

4 tips for establishing a landscaping plan that fits your vision

For many homeowners, beautifully manicured landscaping is a source of considerable pride. Unfortunately, many do not have the time or the expertise to create an outdoor space that meets their expectations in the summer months.

With Smart Reno, you'll be able to get in touch with real experts specializing in landscaping in Quebec City. Here are 4 tips that you should keep in mind when planning to hire a landscape expert to spruce up your property.

Establish a landscaping plan

The possibilities are endless when enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space: laying out grass, adding decorative stones, planting flowers and shrubs. Make sure to establish a preliminary plan and consult your landscaping expert to make sure that such arrangements are possible on your property.

Find out about the restrictions and regulations of your municipal area

It is often overlooked, but each municipality typically has varying restrictions related to landscaping on public and private land. In some areas, part of your land may even legally belong to municipal authorities. Be sure to confirm all of your plans with a municipal official before digging any holes!

Create a budget and keep track of various expenses

Before giving the greenlight to start your landscaping project, make sure you have clearly defined the landscaping budgets for your property. Next, make sure to track expenditures throughout the project. Don’t forget that costs related to the maintenance of your garden can also be added to the initial expenses.

Choose a landscape contractor you can trust

Choosing the right company for your landscaping needs is very important. By establishing a relationship of trust with your landscaper, you ensure that you will be able to count on their expertise in the case of unforeseen events or pitfalls in the weeks following the implementation of landscaping project.

Whatever your landscaping needs, you can trust Smart Reno to connect you with reliable and reputable landscape contractors in Quebec City. Submit your project now!