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4 types of projects that can be entrusted to a handyman

Do you have a very specific project and are unsure which type of professional should be entrusted with the work? Smart Reno assists you in your search and helps you find the best handyman near you. With our selections based on worker motivation and qualifications, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises!

If you’re hesitating between a specialized contractor and handyman, here are some examples of tasks that can be entrusted to the latter.

Replacing cabinets and storage

Save yourself the trouble of lifting heavy sliding doors and balancing yourself on a stepladder by entrusting your storage repair to a handyman. New modern, stylish cupboards matching your interior design will bring considerable charm and balance to your home for a very reasonable cost.

Changing a toilet, shower or bath

Sometimes, rather than a complete redo of your bathroom, you will only need to change the installations within it. A competent handyman will be able to take charge of these different replacements in a clean, fast and efficient manner.

Replacing a countertop or work surface

Has your kitchen counter been worn-out with time, but you don’t want to do a complete renovation of this important room of your house? Replacing the countertop alone can help rejuvenate your kitchen area. Choose a durable, shock and moisture resistant material to help your new installation endure the weathering of time.

The installation of tapestry, painting, or tiling

Whether it's your walls or your floor, a simple replacement can give your home a totally different look. Call upon a handyman for your painting, tiling or plumbing jobs: you will certainly save a lot of time and energy!

Call upon a handyman for your painting, tiling or plumbing jobs: you will certainly save a lot of time and energy!

In order to find the most qualified handyman to carry out all your projects, trust Smart Reno! Contact us for more information or to tell us about your next ambitious project: we will be happy to help you.