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Are you living in the beautiful city of Quebec and planning major renovations?

Smart Reno can help you find the best general contractors in Quebec City, real experts that can make your most ambitious projects a reality. Submit your project today!

Things to consider when planning a renovation project with a general contractor

Choosing a qualified general contractor is the best way to ensure that the construction and renovation you are considering will be carried out with care and attention while respecting your budget and timeline.

Here are some things to keep in mind when assigning a project to a general contractor.

Do not confuse a general contractor with a specialized contractor

Telling the difference between a general contractor and a specialist contractor can be difficult for many homeowners.

The specialist contractor has certain qualifications certified by the RBQ. The general contractor holds all the professional authorizations allowing him to supervise all the work carried out at your residence.

Make sure your contractor understands your requirements

To manage your project and arrive at the perfect outcome, your general contractor must understand all the nuances and requirements you have in mind.

Whether for a home addition project or a renovation of your bathroom, don’t hesitate to take the time necessary to fully communicate your expectations before beginning the first stage of work.

Work done in-house or outsourced

Although the Quebec City region has many experts in the field of construction and renovation, your general contractor may decide to outsource certain phases of the work to a third party.

Clarify everything with the contractor before the work officially begins to familiarize yourself with the skills of these subcontractors.

Logistics, timing and team management

The biggest benefit of using a general contractor for large scale projects is that they offer you a complete solution for all the work to be done on your home.

From planning the multiple stages of work to the supervision of the different construction teams, you can trust a certified general contractor to carry out all your projects effectively!

With Smart Reno, you can save time and money by finding a reliable and recognized general contractor in Quebec City. Submit your project now on Smart Reno!