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Have you noticed any cracks or other damage to your foundation?

Whether you live in Limoilou, Sainte-Foy or in the heart of the beautiful city of Quebec, Smart Reno helps you find local contractors that you can trust to maintain and repair the foundations of your home.

Foundation problems: what are the most frequent?

Renowned around the world for the beauty of its architecture, Quebec City is full of stunning buildings. However, the harshness of winter often leads to the appearance of cracks or other foundation problems.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, don’t hesitate and contact Smart Reno. We can direct you to the best contractors in the Quebec area.

Foundation cracks

There are 2 types of foundation cracks: passive and active. In the first case, repair may not be urgent, but a rigorous inspection should be carried out to determine whether a crack repair is required. In the case of active cracks, there is no time to waste! Avoid future problems and contact a contractor as soon as possible to repair any damage before the situation becomes worse.

Water leakage

Because of Quebec City’s close proximity to a large river, buildings often show signs of various levels of water leakage during the annual spring thaw. Although these leakages are not always visible to the naked eye, it is important to have the foundation inspected regularly by a professional to ensure the health of the foundation.

Contamination affecting the state of foundations

Several types of soil contamination can cause deterioration and/or cracking along your foundations. Pyrite, radon or ferrous ocher can heavily damage the structures of your home. Only a professional can work on such an anomaly or irregularity in the foundation.

Subsidence of foundations

Climatic conditions, as well as the irregularity and fragility of the Quebec clay soils are all factors that can lead to the collapse of your home, caused by a lack of solid foundations. Are you no longer able to close your doors and windows? Have you noticed small cracks all around your home? It is vital to react quickly and find a specialized contractor!

No matter where you are in Quebec City, Smart Reno is your best choice to quickly, simply and efficiently find a certified contractor who can repair visible cracks on the foundation of your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!