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Have you noticed your floor deteriorating over the years and feel the need for it to be renovated?

Don’t hesitate any longer! Smart Reno gives you the support you need in choosing the best contractors from Quebec City and the surrounding area for your flooring installation or renovation. Stop spending countless hours on the phone or in front of your screen comparing quotes! We take care of it for you.

Things to consider for flooring renovation in Quebec City

A home’s floors need to be sturdy, otherwise they won’t be able to effectively support the constant weight and strain from daily movement. Moreover, excess humidity in Quebec City can often test a floor’s endurance.

Whether for renovations or first-time installations, you wouldn’t want just anyone taking care of it for you. Smart Reno understands this and that’s why our teams provide you with a reliable selection of qualified experts to carry out your project.

Here are some examples of work routinely performed by our renovation and floor installation experts:

Renovating a sloping floor

Many Quebec City homes have a long history and, as a result, are imperfect. For example, sloping floors are a common occurrence in older homes. Have one of our experts fix your sloping floors so your future renovations can be done properly.

Installing tiles

Tiling is very common, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Some people choose to install tiles themselves. However, we recommend using a professional tiler to save time and ensure a job well done.

Floating floor installation

Floating floors can easily be adapted to all types of decor, making them a popular choice among homeowners. Be careful, however, as they require regular maintenance. Ask your flooring renovator to explain how to care for the floor and increase its lifespan.

Concrete floors

Previously limited mostly to basements, concrete floors have gradually begun emerging in state-of-the-art Quebec City homes. The rustic appearance and lasting durability of the concrete has gotten people talking!

Want to renovate or install a floor in your home? Give Smart Reno a call today. It will be our pleasure to review your project and help you find the best floor renovation specialists in Quebec City.

Contact us today to guarantee a smoothly executed project!