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Exterior siding is often the first aesthetic detail that you notice when passing in front of your property, but it is also what protects your home from bad weather and water infiltrations.

With Smart Reno, you can find the best contractors in the Quebec City area to install or replace the exterior siding of your home. .

Choose the right type of exterior siding for your house

With the many types of siding that exist, it can be complicated to choose the right material for your home. The contractors located in the Quebec City area suggested by Smart Reno will be able to further inform you about all your

Vinyl siding

One of the most affordable options to cover the exterior walls of your home is vinyl siding. This material is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Stone siding

Do you have an appreciation for masonry? Exterior siding made of stone or brick is a solid, durable choice and maximizes the soundproofing of your walls.

Fibre cement siding

Fibre cement is increasingly popular in several regions of Quebec and is available in pieces or in panels. This type of siding will protect your home from weather damage throughout the year.

Wood siding

Whether you choose engineered wood or natural wood, you will have a durable, low-maintenance exterior. Plus, you'll add a little rustic touch to the look of your home.

Smart Reno is the easiest way to find reliable, certified contractors in the Quebec City area to replace your exterior siding.

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