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We know that it can be daunting to start planning a project as important as redesigning your basement. It can also be tedious to find a contractor that meets all your needs. Smart Reno will help ensure everything goes as planned by choosing the best experts in Quebec City for you.

With Smart Reno, you know you will be put in contact with trusted contractors whose reputation so far is impeccable which gives you the best chances of having a project that runs smoothly.

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Are you aware of the enormous potential your basement holds?

Essentially, a properly renovated basement can bring real added value to your home. Many Quebec City basements are currently under-developed, giving you an advantage over a good number of homeowners when you decide to renovate.

Smart Reno provides you fast and reliable assistance to help carry out your renovation projects. No need to spend hours on the phone looking for a contractor: we take care of everything for you.

Things to consider when renovating your basement in Quebec City

Many options are available if you decide to renovate your basement: do you want to make a bedroom? A living areas for your guests? A playroom for children? A well-insulated storage space?

We connect you with the most qualified contractors in the Quebec City area according to your specific project needs. You can be confident that our selection criteria ensure that you will be paired with the best basement renovation experts in Quebec City and the surrounding area.

However, before turning to a professional, it’s important to ask yourself if every area has been covered when planning your project. To find out, take the following points into consideration:

Is your ceiling high enough?

Hidden within the basement ceilings in Quebec City are a great number of a home’s essential components: water and heating pipes, various plumbing and more. The space occupied by these components tends to make the ceiling lower. Carefully inspect the area and make sure there is enough height to make the space habitable.

Is the ground level?

Quebec City has plenty of old homes with basements that can sometimes lead to startling discoveries. Uneven or sloping floors can be a very common issue! If you want to renovate this space, make sure your floor is level or choose one of our contractors to fix the problem.

What is the humidity level?

If the masonry work was poorly done when laying your foundations, you could run into humidity problems. Do not proceed with a basement renovation until this issue is resolved, otherwise the work will likely have to be redone.

What lighting is needed?

Quebec City's basements are generally not fitted with many windows. You should therefore plan adequate lighting, choose clear paint colors that aren’t too dark and, if possible, install windows to provide more light.

Looking for reliable and qualified contractors? Smart Reno helps you transform your basement by finding the best basement renovation experts in Quebec City. Create a space that brings you a sense of pride and adds value to your home at the same time!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and find the right contractor for you!