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Need to transform your kitchenette into a genuine fully-equipped kitchen? Simply want to redesign it?

Let Smart Reno help you find the best kitchen renovation experts and create a culinary space that appeals to your inner chef!

What to keep in mind when renovating your kitchen?

The renovation of a kitchen, one of the most crucial spaces of a home, is a major challenge. In order best carry out this project, it is important to select a contractor with the necessary qualifications.

With Smart Reno, you no longer have to deal with the daunting task of hunting for the best expert. Let us take care of it! Our professionals are carefully selected to bring you the expertise and advice you need.

Here are some key points that shouldn’t be overlooked during your project development:

Choose your appliances carefully

It is important to make your choice of appliances early on. This way, you will be able to envision your kitchen around them and properly estimate the space to be reserved and any potential extensions.

Be generous on storage

It is important to plan enough cupboards and other storage spaces for your kitchen renovation. Dishes and other utensils can take up more space than it seems, and a tidy kitchen gives an impression of cleanliness.

Have sufficient lighting

To make your kitchen a pleasant living space, don’t neglect the importance of windows and lighting! Large openings and highly-luminous installations are strongly recommended to fully enjoy your new kitchen space.

Favour durable materials

Don’t forget that the work surface and the floor of your renovated kitchen will be used often. Choose your materials with care to avoid having to deal with premature wear-and-tear.

Don’t hesitate to contact Smart Reno for your kitchen renovations and find the best contractors near you! Ask for a free quote and bring your most ambitious projects to life.