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Do you want or need to fit the ground of your home with a new floor installation?

Smart Reno makes it easy for you to get in touch with the most qualified contractors in your area! With our services, keep stress at bay and avoid the unpleasant surprises often associated with floor renovations!

Floor renovations by a local professional

They bear the weight of our steps, furniture and time: our floors are the core of our house! Whether they are made of wood, marble or concrete, they must be solid and aesthetic to give our homes the appeal we expect.

Regardless of whether it is the first installation or the renovation of an aging floor, it is important to carefully choose the professional you want to entrust with the keys to your project. Smart Reno helps you find the best experts near you so that you can plan your future layout with peace of mind!

Here are some recommended jobs for a flooring professional.

Renovating a slanted floor

In some old houses, the floor may be slightly inclined. In these cases, it is necessary to perform an upgrade to correctly adjust the rest of the room. To obtain a satisfying result without losing any time, it is recommended to seek expert help!

Laying tiles

In the kitchen, toilet or bathroom, tiles are the most popular flooring. Their ease of cleaning and resistance to moisture are very well known! Tile installation is not so complicated, but requires a significant investment in terms of time.

Installing a floating floor

Timeless and welcoming, floating floors are very fashionable in Canada. The most common are wood, but very realistic PVC replicas are also available for those who prefer to avoid the maintenance demanded by natural wood.

Concrete floors

There are several types of concrete floors: raw, tiled, refined or even tinted concrete, there is something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a chic or casual style, concrete floors will satisfy you. However, its installation requires specific masonry work and it is not recommended to risk doing it alone.

For a flooring installation by a qualified expert, trust the services of Smart Reno! Our teams will professionally assist you throughout your project to guarantee your satisfaction.

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