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Do you want to build a bathroom of your dreams but keep hesitating to get started?

Smart Reno can bring you the support you need! There’s no need to fear unpleasant surprises when you entrust your project to reliable and motivated contractors!

What to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom

Bathroom renovation is a major challenge for many households!

It is therefore important to carefully select a trustworthy expert before handing over the keys to your project. Smart Reno helps you make the right choice by putting you in touch with the most qualified contractors in your area.

But first, here are some key things to consider during a renovation of this type:

Bath or shower? Make the right choice!

Does your family have children and seniors? Do you like spending time in a bathtub or do you prefer the convenience of a shower? Choose your bathroom installations according to your habits and needs.

Reliable flooring for a lasting bathroom

The presence of moisture in this room requires that you choose strong, dependable flooring. A waterproof floor will ensure that your bathroom stands the test of time!

Be generous with storage

There is nothing worse than a bathroom that is cluttered with various toiletries and beauty products! To avoid this ordeal, add multiple storage options: cupboards, drawers, sliding baskets. Take advantage of your bathroom renovation to optimize the space available!

Install adequate lighting

The brightness of your bathroom is at least as important as that of your kitchen , if not more! Be vigilant and include ample lighting. Especially when your room has no windows.

When using the services of Smart Reno, you opt for a reliable service with no unwanted surprises. Give your bathroom the very best, and submit your project to receive your three custom submissions!