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Home addition work is a great way to redesign your living environment without having to pack everything up and move. Allow SmartReno to find you a competent company that you can fully trust to successfully complete your home addition projects!

SmartReno is the best choice to find an experienced contractor who will carry out all of your home addition work.

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5 clever ways to make home additions

There are multiple avenues for making additions to your home and it is also worth discussing with your contractor the different types of extensions available for redeveloping your home.

Depending on your needs, the contractor can guide you to the most desirable option.

Here are some examples of clever ways to increase your space:

Add a floor

If you want to add bedrooms and extra rooms, the addition of a floor to the structure of your home is an ideal way to proceed.

A good contractor will know how to take into account the type of roofing you have in order to limit the extent of aesthetic changes incurred by adding an extra layer to your home.

Build an extension

Do you want to lengthen a living room or enlarge an important room in your home? Adding an extension is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Be careful, however, to choose a type of exterior siding similar to the one you have already so there isn’t too much contrast between the original building and the extension that has been added on to it.

Finish your basement

Still to this day, many homeowners continue to postpone finishing their basement. However, this is a great way to expand your space, whether it's to create a new room or to provide your home with greater storage space.

Build a garage

As anyone who has dealt with the hostility of winter temperatures can tell you: your regions becomes a bona fide kingdom of coldness during the first calendar months. Adding a garage to your home to keep your vehicles warm or to store your seasonal items until the spring thaw is great idea that shouldn’t be overlooked!

No matter your needs, the company SmartReno can find you the most professional and experienced contractors in your area. Include us in your kitchen project planning and you won’t regret it!

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