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Diane, Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

 Very efficient and the contractors I have met are very professional.

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Montréal, QC

 Easy and fast service that show me the best company at the right price for my projects.

Simon, Joliette, QC

Joliette, QC

 Excellent tool for getting quotes quickly and efficiently.


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Have you been considering it for a long time, but always postpone finishing your exterior siding project?

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Why should you entrust your exterior siding project to a reputable expert?

Depending on your needs, the contractor can guide you to the most desirable option. No matter where you live, the company SmartReno can help you find a highly-qualified company that does exceptional work.

Renovation projects with the best return on investment

In many cases, investing in some specific home improvement projects can be quite profitable down the road. Here is a list of 8 projects that yield superior return on investment :

Renovate your kitchen

You can either choose the cost-effective option to resurface the kitchen, or undertake a more substantial remodelling and replace the cabinets.

Replace sinks and faucets

This represents a relatively small investment, but can yield in high perceived value.

Replace countertops

There are many options out there, and some materials are definitely more affordable. Great investment to upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

New toilets and tubs

A midrange bathroom upgrade will always remain a great investment in the value of the house.

Replace bathroom cabinets and sinks

They have become more fashionable than ever and will help add to the personality of your home.

Re-roofing your home

A new roof doesn't come cheap, but can make a big difference in the curbside appeal of your home.

Replace your home's siding

You can opt for vinyl or more expensive materials in numerous colours and textures.

Replace your old windows

Besides being more energy-efficient, new windows can be a major selling point.

No matter your needs, the company SmartReno can find you the most professional and experienced contractors in your area. Include us in your exterior siding project and you won’t regret it!

In our FAQ section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions, but if you want to ask more specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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