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Toronto, ON

 Very efficient and the contractors I have met are very professional.

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Montréal, QC

 Easy and fast service that show me the best company at the right price for my projects.

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Joliette, QC

 Excellent tool for getting quotes quickly and efficiently.


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Have you been considering it for a long time, but always postpone finishing your basement renovation?

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Why should you entrust your basement renovation to a reputable expert?

Depending on your needs, the contractor can guide you to the most desirable option. No matter where you live, the company SmartReno can help you find a highly-qualified company that does exceptional work.

Some things to consider before renovating your basement

Renovating a basement can be quite different compared to renovating other rooms in your house:

Do you have sufficient height

Remember that water and heating pipes will lower the available height. In addition, installing the floor will also take away a few inches.

Conceal joists and pipes

One option is to install a suspended ceiling, which will conceal and soundproof the basement a little. Otherwise you have to think how to hide all these elements by installing drywall and paint.

The ground floor is not leveled or humid?

You should resolve the problem before installing a floor too close to the ground. If you opt for plywood, leave a space between it and the concrete to facilitate air circulation.

About the type of lighting

You must think about the type of lighting to be installed, considering the fact that daylight in basements is usually more limited.

With SmartReno, it's never been easier to find reliable contractors to take care of your basement renovation!

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