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Excellent roofing means having guaranteed protection from seasonal weather and water leakage. The lifespan of a roof is usually estimated to be about 20 years before it needs to be renovated.

However, harsh winters and hot, wet summers in Montreal can considerably accelerate wear and tear.

Carefully inspect your roof and if you notice any of the following symptoms, contact a specialized contractor immediately who can advise you on the next steps to be taken!

The 4 signs that your roof needs renovation

Shingles are missing

Throughout the year, your roof’s framework is under a lot of pressure and your shingles can quickly give way under the force of strong autumn winds or heavy snow loads in the winter. When shingles are missing, your roof’s ability to repel water is greatly reduced. Renovations are therefore needed to replace any missing shingles.

Wearing out of shingles

Carefully check the overall condition of all your roof’s shingles. Repeated cracking of shingles causes a noticeable aging of the roofing of your home. Look for any suspicious ripples, a visible sign that you need to replace the worn-out shingles on your roof!

The loss of shingle granules

Be aware that although roofs with granules are known for their increased strength, they are not immune to normal wear and tear and will eventually need to be renovated. If you notice that any moisture is starting to come through your roofing, contact an expert who can repair or replace the obsolete components.

Poor condition of flashings

Particular attention should be paid to roofs with skylights. These roof windows are very popular in Montreal, but the flashings surrounding them are subject to damage. Damaged flashings require a quick roof renovation to avoid water seepage into the house.

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