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Do you need a reliable masonry contractor in the Montreal area?

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Why trust an expert mason to do work on your home in the Montreal area?

The great metropolis of the Belle Province, Montreal has hot summers and very cold winters. These temperature differences have obvious consequences for foundations and building structures.

All masonry elements such as brick and stone change over time and may need to be restored or replaced. For the best results, it is essential to hire a recognized masonry contractor to inspect and repair the structures of your property. Smart Reno will help you identify the most reputable Montreal master masons to handle the work you are envisioning in the metropolitan area.

Some of the most common masonry work carried out by our partners include:

Frost boil

Montreal's harsh climate often results in the phenomenon of a frost boil. This refers to an outward swelling of the architecture of your home. In some cases, small repairs are sufficient, while in others the wall will have to be completely replaced. In any event, you must act quickly and contact a qualified masonry expert for this type of repair!

Construction of brick walls

Brick or stone structures wear out naturally, due to the passing of time and bad weather. To ensure the durability of your masonry and retain the appeal of your property, it is better to seek the help of real professionals. Masonry bricklayers are also able to add a new brick wall to a room in your home in order to enhance it.

Breakage of lintels and frames

The elements bordering the windows of your home, called lintels and frames, make it possible to reinforce the durability of the structures of your house. When damaged, they become fragile and can threaten the structural soundness of your building. Seek the help of a masonry professional as soon as you have any doubts about the deterioration of your lintels and frames.

To ensure an impeccable and long-lasting work, surround yourself with recognized masonry contractors in the Montreal area.

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