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Each year, a passion for horticulture and landscaping takes hold over Montrealers as soon as the first days of spring arrive.

Are you planning to enjoy the beauty of your property during the summer? Trust Smart Reno to find the best and most qualified landscaping contractors in the Montreal area! It only takes a few clicks to reap the benefits of our free service.

Plan your outdoors in 4 easy steps

Like many Montrealers, you may be patiently waiting for the arrival of spring each year to begin putting your landscaping plans into action. With Smart Reno, you can find the landscaping contractors most capable of helping you create a true masterpiece of horticulture and outdoor decor!

To ensure complete satisfaction with the end result, follow these 4 easy steps that will guarantee you a landscaping service to make your neighbours jealous!

Find out about regulations in your municipality

Before you begin, contact the appropriate municipal authorities about the landscaping regulations in your neighbourhood. In a city like Montreal, each borough has its own rules and it would be a shame if part of your plan were to be denied due to a restriction you were unaware of. A local landscaping contractor will often be well informed on what is and isn’t permitted for your landscaping project.

Establish a specific landscaping plan

Discuss with your contractor and define a specific plan for what you would like to see in terms of your landscaping services. From choosing plants to decorative minerals, a thousand and one possibilities are available to you. It is therefore important to plan every decorative component of your exterior property to ensure that everything will be compatible with your expectations or requirements.

Plan your budget and stick to it!

Before the first shovel ever touches the ground, plan a clear budget for your landscaping work. Inform your contractor of your budget so that they understand how much flexibility they have in implementing your plan. Don’t forget to factor in recurring landscape maintenance costs that go along with certain outdoor arrangements.

Remain present and available throughout the work

On the day the work is to be done, make yourself available to answer any questions your landscaping contractor may have about your development plan. This will allow you to ensure that the work performed complies with what you have in mind and to ask for any last-minute changes if you need to.

No matter what kind of landscaping project you have in mind, Smart Reno can help you find the most competent and versatile landscaping service contractors in the Montreal area.

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