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Have you noticed a crack in your foundation?

For all your foundation repairs, let Smart Reno find the best contractors in the Montreal metropolitan area.

The 4 signs of a foundation that needs to be renovated

Damage incurred by a deterioration of the base of your home can be very serious. An unrepaired foundation crack is enough to threaten the entire stability of your home.

In Montreal, many contractors offer repair services, but only a real expert will be able to inspect your building structure, identify problems and make the necessary repairs.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, don’t waste any time and find a reliable and experienced contractor with Smart Reno!

A crack in the foundation of your home

Foundation cracks can be detected during home inspections. Located in the foundations or at the basement level, these cracks can have varying grades of dangerousness, which can be estimated according to their degree of progression and size. Do not hesitate to have every crack inspected, even if they do not initially seem to threaten the stability of your foundation.

Moisture penetration into your foundation

When thawing begins in Montreal every spring, it is not uncommon to experience moisture problems at the foundation level. If you notice any deformation near your windows or swelling of your floor, ask a specialist for advice to assess the severity of infiltration.


The most common contamination seen large urban centers like Montreal is pyrite, which can, over time, damage your foundations. Don’t take any risks, as soon as any cracks or suspicious levelling appears, immediately contact a foundation expert to obtain a clear diagnosis.

Subsidence of foundations

Montreal soil is known to be very rich in clay, making it a more fragile base for buildings. Combined with the unpredictability of the 4 seasons, building foundations become strained and can sag without warning. Avoid any unpleasant surprises and call on a foundation expert as soon as you observe an imbalance within the base of your home.

Smart Reno can offer you the best foundation experts in Montreal.

Trust these certified contractors to carry out repairs that will restore durability and stability to your home. Contact us with any questions related to home renovation!