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Do your floors show signs of aging and need to be replaced to give your home a modern feel?

With Smart Reno, you can stop spending weeks searching for the perfect contractor to manage your flooring renovation. Our team selects professionals from Montreal and the surrounding area according to very precise quality criteria.

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You want or need to replace the floor of your home ?

With the help of Smart Reno's expertise, you can trust the specialists you hire. Our quality criteria guarantee you a successful flooring renovation!

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Flooring renovation by qualified experts

Your floors can easily deteriorate with daily wear-and-tear and people coming and going from your home. No matter their material, it is important that your floors are strong enough to resist deteriorating effects over time and the pressure forced upon them.

Whether for an initial installation or simple renovation, it can be a struggle to find the best professional among the many flooring specialists in Montreal and the surrounding area. This is where Smart Reno comes in. Our pre-selection of highly qualified experts ensures that only the best professionals are recommended for your project!

Here are some of the tasks our flooring renovation experts can help you with:

Fixing a sloping floor

In some areas of Montreal, it is extremely common to notice sloping floors. This can be a real burden during the planning or interior renovation of a room. We strongly advise you to have this defect fixed before moving into your apartment.

Tiling a floor

Tile is a very common flooring in Montreal, especially in exceedingly humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. Installation may seem easy but it requires diligence and precision. Entrusting this task to an expert makes it far less risky.

Floating floor installation, a new trend in Montreal

Floating floors can give rooms a warm and homely feeling. Furthermore, they easily blend with all decor types. This is no doubt why their popularity has risen in recent years. Some of our Smart Reno contractors have therefore taken the time to develop floating floor installation expertise.

Installing concrete floors

Concrete floors are available in several varieties and can be adapted to all interior styles. You can find some that are tinted, refined or even crude. Their installation requires precise masonry skills and must therefore be carried out by a professional.

If you live in the Montreal area and you want to renovate or install flooring, use Smart Reno services to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure quality service!

Contact us if you have any questions or simply to submit your project!