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Are you looking to remodel your bathroom?

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Things to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is no simple task! That's why choosing a contractor you can trust is such an important part of your project. Let Smart Reno make your job easy by recommending some of the most reputable contractors in the Montreal area.

Our contracting experts will offer you the necessary guidance to make your new bathroom a permanent feature that your whole family can enjoy! Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the renovation of your bathroom.

Choose the right bathtub or shower

In order for your bathroom renovation to fully meet your expectations, make a list of all your needs and take the time to choose every detail, such as the shower or bath model that you will install in your freshly renovated bathroom. If necessary, communicate with your contractor to find out about all available possibilities.

Choose the right floor

Bathrooms are often very humid rooms, so make sure to take this into account when choosing the floor covering for your renovation. The material installed must be waterproof, durable and easy to maintain to give your bathroom a longer life.

Plan your storage space

Far too often, we forget how useful storage space is in a bathroom. Make sure to plan the storage of towels or other cleaning products during your renovation.

Make good use of your surface area

Take advantage of all available space to fit everything nicely into your new bathroom. An experienced contractor in the field of renovation can guide you in taking full advantage of the entire bathroom.

For the renovation of a customized bathroom, call on Smart Reno and find the most qualified Montreal contractors to meet your expectations. Submit your project today and get 3 quotes in record time!