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Do you want to finish or renovate the basement of your home?

While the basement is often used as a simple storage room in Montreal and many other cities in Quebec, there is a tremendous opportunity to renovate this space and add value to your home.

Smart Reno's mission is to support you in your search for the best basement renovation contractors to ensure the success of your project.

Things to consider when renovating your basement

The possibilities for renovating your basement are endless: room, office, playroom or even a lounge for your guests. Many Montrealers now choose to renovate their previously neglected basements!

No matter your project, Smart Reno can help you find the most suitable contractor. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism of our teams, you can say goodbye to unpleasant surprises and start working on your project stress-free and with absolute confidence!

Ceiling height

Montreal’s basement ceilings often house piping for heating and supplying water. This takes up space and therefore reduces their height. If you want to make your basement liveable, verify that the ceiling is at a sufficient height from the floor to avoid a feeling of confinement in the space.

Ground leveling

In some old houses, you may be confronted with an inclined or uneven basement floor. If this is the case, try not to panic. Solutions do exist. We can find you a qualified expert who will fix your floor and allow you to proceed with the renovation you want.

Humidity level

In Montreal, some basements have an unbearable level of humidity. Does this sound familiar? If so, it is important to improve your insulation and to ensure that your foundations haven’t deteriorated before any renovations take place. Discuss the solutions available to you during your contractor meetings.


Basements generally lack brightness and therefore require good lighting to provide the most comfort. Explore different possibilities, such as installing windows or light fixtures, to provide a comfortable amount of brightness to your basement.

With Smart Reno, it's never been easier to find reliable contractors to take care of your basement renovation!

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