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Learn everything you should know about choosing to work with an interior designer

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It’s not always easy to know where to start when thinking about your renovation project. Where to find the right contractor? What materials to use? Should I make a plan? How much will it cost?... It’s normal to have those questions when starting a new project. Choosing to work with a designer will help you navigate those challenges.

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Why choose to work with a designer?

Unfortunately, most of us are not born designers. It’s a profession in its own right, with guidelines, rules and best practices. A designer will be able to assist you each step of the way. Here are some of the benefits to collaborate with an interior designer. Indeed, it can help you whatever the project, whether it is a kitchen, a basement or an extension of a house.

  • Save time: the designer will plan for each step of the project.
  • Make sure that the final result will be in-line with your vision: the designer will take the time to understand your needs and will represent your interests with the various contractors working on the execution of your project.
  • Avoid mistakes that can become costly: with the plans drafted by the designer, you will be able to visualize your project and you will be provided with recommendations in order to optimize your space.
  • Pay the right price: he will help you choose the materials and make sure you pay the right price.
  • Facilitate communications: making sure to coordinate with all the contractors for the different trades, to save you the pain of connecting with each one.
  • Make sure you get the expected return on your investment: hiring an interior designer represents a bigger initial payment, but will ensure to protect the overall investment you are making on your project.

Role of an interior designer

  • Project management
  • Drafting plans
  • Budget management
  • Advice for selecting materials
  • Purchasing materials and furniture
  • Matching colours
  • Recommendation on the choice of contractors

How to choose a designer?

Making the right choice can be critical, as the designer will be the guardian of your project. Make sure to be on the same page in terms of understanding your tastes (industrial, urban, retro, classic, modern…)

Also, maintaining a good communication channel is essential all along the project.

Some elements to keep in mind:

  • 1
    Clearly define your needs, your style and your budget
  • 2
    Find inspirations from magazines and websites to help the designer better understand you
  • 3
    Look at the designer’s portfolio
  • 4
    Validate that the designer has worked on similar projects in the past
  • 5
    Ask for client referrals
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How much does a
designer cost?

$75 to $250


(Based on experience)


10% to 25%
of the total

The cost of a designer varies based on experience. The price structure can also vary, from an hourly rate to a fixed percentage of the project value.

Hourly rates will vary between 75$ and 250$. As for the percentage, plan for 10% to 25% of the total value of the project in professional fees.



= $25,000

So, for a $25,000 kitchen, you can anticipate a budget of:

$2,500 to $6,250
in designer fees

Need a designer?

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