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Bring your fireplace or wood stove to Code

If you live on Montreal island, you will have to make your heating device conform to the new standards!

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See all you need to know about the new heating regulation in Montreal

What is this regulation?

As of October 1st, 2018, stoves and solid fuel stoves (such as wood, pellets, ecological logs and charcoal) must be replaced if they emit more than 2.5 g / h of fine particles into the atmosphere. After that date, the use of solid fuel burning equipment will become prohibited unless it has been recognized by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stating that its particulate matter emissions are within the standards.

As a resident, you could be fined up to $ 2,000. Companies could receive a fine up to $ 5,000 for using a non-compliant device.

Who is concerned?

All the owners of the 19 boroughs of Montreal city with a fireplace or solid fuel stoves (such as wood, pellets, ecological logs and charcoal) that emit more than 2.5 g / h of fine particles into the atmosphere.

NB: If you have a gas or propane fireplace, you are lucky! You have no changes to make and you can continue to use your device, because this new regulation does not concern you.

What to do starting October 1st 2018?

Declare your fireplace

Declare your fireplace

You must register your fireplace at the Montreal City Hall by using their form.

Bring your fireplace to Code

Bring your fireplace to Code

Have your appliance replaced by a heating professional. Smart Reno helps you find the right contractor near you. To find a contractor, you just have to complete this form.

Certify your fireplace

Certify your fireplace

You must have your CSA / B415.1-10 appliance certified or obtain recognition from the EPA.

Smog warning

Smog warning

You must stop using your fireplace during SMOG warnings even if it has been previously certified. Check the warnings by clicking here.

Find more details on the regulations via the website of the city of Montreal.

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