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There are many reasons why you may want to consider a renovation project: Wear and tear over time, updating to current building codes, or even adding an addition to your home. Perhaps you are considering renovations for your home but you are wondering how to find the right contractor to do the work? Indeed, it is not always easy to find a trusted contractor who is available, and within your budget. It's important to ask yourself the right questions before you start.

As prohibitive though as they may seem, construction projects are merely a formality when handled by a qualified expert. Smart Reno understands this which is why we offer you a service where you can connect with pre-qualified contractors based on our criteria. For a kitchen project, a bathroom renovation, or even the replacement of your roof, we can find the right specialists for each of your projects! Before anything else, here are some tips that will help you make your decision and have your work completed stress free!

Define your budget

Think about the maximum amount of work you want to have done. Evaluate what your savings can allow you to do. By requesting quotes, you will have a better idea of the budget that your project will cost.

Also, think of the other financing possibilities: line of credit, personal credit ... Take time to evaluate all of the options that are available to you.

A general contractor or a specialized contractor?

Depending on the type of work you wish to have done, you can choose between a general contractor, or a specialized contractor. The advantage of the general contractor is having a single contact person when you want to do several types of work at the same time (redoing your kitchen, repainting rooms and creating your new basement). A specialized contractor will be more suitable for a single specific project such as redoing your floor.

Consider using a designer

An interior designer could help you with your project by making plans and managing the coordination between different contractors. They could also advise you on which materials to choose as well as helping you with your furniture selection.

Interior and exterior renovation

Having a hard time finding a professional to redesign the interior and exterior of your home? One of our renovation specialists will be able to help you with your project, no matter how ambitious.

Don’t be afraid to finally get going with your renovation project: we have what you need! Find the most qualified experts with Smart Reno, and start your work peacefully!

Contact us today to submit your renovation project: our team is waiting for you!