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Brick and stone are popular materials for homeowners in the Edmonton area

Edmonton winters can be rough and temperature changes can weaken buildings and homes. It is therefore important to carry out the necessary masonry work for your home’s maintenance. No matter the scale of work to be done, you should be well informed of your project contractor’s competencies to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Smart Reno helps you make the right choice by finding the best masonry contractors in the region.

4 renovation projects that require a masonry expert

There are many different reasons you might decide to call a masonry expert. Edmonton is full of specialists but it’s wise to take precaution since they don’t all have the same skill level or professionalism.

It’s therefore important to carefully choose your contractor so that the project is done successfully. Smart Reno makes your choice easy and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises by finding you the most qualified contractors. When submitting your project to us, you ensure that your contractor has proven expertise and reputation.

Repairing a bulge

One of the most frequent masonry renovations involves repairing bulges in exterior siding. Depending on the extent of the bulging, the mason will decide whether the problem can be corrected or if it is better to change the structure. If you notice this type of anomaly, it’s important to act quickly before the foundation becomes weak.

Brick wall construction

Whether renovating or building a brick wall, a task of this sort is a bricklayer’s specialty. The most popular demand these days is an interior brick wall installation that makes a room stand out.

Repairing window sills and broken lintels

Sills and lintels are the parts bordering your windows. Temperature changes in Edmonton can weaken these parts and create cracks. To prevent the risk of falling concrete, it’s important to carefully inspect them and call a masonry professional if necessary.

Renovating a cracked brick wall

Once again, temperature changes can lead to cracks on brick walls. While this doesn’t necessarily threaten the entire structure’s integrity, it can still cause water infiltration and the wall can lose its esthetic appeal. A masonry expert can easily fix this problem.

Have you noticed one or more signs that require the help of a masonry expert? We can find you the best masonry contractors in Edmonton!

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