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You care a lot about your kitchen, it’s perfectly normal considering the key role it plays in your home.

When remodeling time rolls around, a question often comes to mind: will you be able to find a contractor in Edmonton that can fully understand you and renovate your kitchen the way you like?

Smart Reno is here to help you in your quest by connecting you with trusted contractors.

Things to keep in mind for your kitchen renovation in Edmonton

Many Edmonton families are hesitant to renovate their kitchen. Essentially, a substantial renovation of this sort amounts to a big investment of time and money, for results that can sometimes be less than satisfactory.

To make sure you don’t run into any unpleasant surprises along the way, it’s important to choose a reliable and qualified contractor. This isn’t so easy: the Albertan capital is full of so-called “experts” that are more than willing to send you quotes. We can help you find the hidden gems.

To help you get your project started, Smart Reno finds you the best kitchen renovation contractors in the Edmonton area. Our selection criteria leave nothing to chance. Everything is carefully considered including availability, qualifications and motivation.

You are guaranteed to work with a professional that can properly manage your kitchen renovation project.

Choice of appliances

Appliances are the most important elements of your kitchen. This is why it’s important to choose them carefully before jumping into a kitchen renovation since they are a determining factor in how the space will be arranged.

It would be unfortunate to need a home extension due to lack of kitchen space!

Provide plenty of storage space

Be careful not to wind up with too few cabinets. You don’t want to see all your kitchen appliances pile up on the countertop, leaving you no room for cooking.

Kitchen islands are trending in Edmonton!

The increasingly popular kitchen island is a must-have feature to give your kitchen a modern twist. This aesthetic addition has many other advantages: it saves you space, encourages friends to gather around, is very practical and will literally transform your kitchen.

Opt for sufficient lighting

Winter evenings in Edmonton can be very dark and sometimes your windows don’t provide enough light. Install adequate lighting to enjoy your new space while ensuring maximum comfort during your culinary activities.

Renovating your kitchen has never been easier with the help of Smart Reno's team!

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