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Since its inception, Smart Reno has been constantly updating its network of renovation and construction contractors in all areas, from floor renovation to basement remodeling. We use very strict requirements to find you the best home addition specialists in Edmonton.

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Are you planning to add space to your home?

Does your home feel cramped? Will you be welcoming a new member to the family soon? Whatever the reason, a home addition is always a good investment, so long as the work is done by a qualified contractor. Because an extension project can be costly in terms of time and money, it’s important to make the right choice when searching for home extension experts in Edmonton.

Smart Reno connects you with qualified experts you can confidently trust with your project. Our goal is to spare you the unpleasant surprises that can occur when you end up with an unreliable and inexperienced contractor.

4 frequently-encountered home addition projects in Edmonton

There are many different reasons families decide to start a home addition project: the arrival of a new child, increasing the value of a home, improving everyday comfort, etc.

However, entrusting your home extension to an unqualified company or individual can have disastrous results. To help you avoid the consequences of a poorly selected expert, Smart Reno has assembled the most qualified Edmonton contractors. When you submit your project to us, our recommended expert will provide you with guaranteed satisfaction.

Extension from above: floor addition

This is the most common type of home addition in Edmonton. Adding an extra floor is a great way to gain more space without ruining your garden. Want a bedroom? An additional bathroom? Add any rooms your heart desires.

Home extension

If you want to enlarge a particular room, a home extension is the most appropriate method of doing so. Want a bigger living room? A large bedroom to relax in? A walk-in closet maybe? There’s no such thing as too much space.

Building a veranda or sunroom

If you want to enjoy the sun without sticking your head outside, you can build a beautiful veranda with large windows or a small, well-organized sunroom. These extensions will brighten up your home.

Adding a garage

This addition is undoubtedly the most convenient in winter time. Who wouldn’t want to protect their car from a snowstorm? If this sounds like you, building a garage is a great option.

Now that you have some ideas to consider for your home addition project, you can move on to the next step and contact Smart Reno. Our network of experts in Edmonton surely has the contractor you’re looking for.

Contact us now to discuss your project. We can point you in the right direction.