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Are you moving into a new home, investing in a rental property or just needing an update?

Renovations will certainly increase your home’s value if the project is managed properly. If you have several rooms or apartments to renovate, some time will need to be dedicated to the project. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to be supported by or delegate the supervision to a general contractor.

Our 4 tips for using a general contractor

A general contractor comes in handy when carrying out construction or renovation work. They have the necessary skills to guide you and carry out your project by coordinating with each contractor to ensure the quality of the work provided meets your expectations.

There are many general contractors in Edmonton but not all of them are equally reliable. It’s therefore important to make the right choice if you want a successful renovation project.

Here are 4 key points to consider when choosing your general contractor.

The difference between general and specialized contractors

A general contractor doesn’t perform renovation work but instead oversees the work. He has the experience required to supervise specialized contractors with specific skillsets and certifications.

Make your expectations clear

You no doubt have a clear idea of your desired results but the general contractor likely doesn’t. Make your expectations clear and don’t hesitate to go into detail to help your contractor understand what you want.

Will the work be done in-house or outsourced?

Depending on the size of the company you decide to go with, a general contractor can either have their own team working on behalf of the company or they can use subcontractors. Don’t hesitate to ask them to clarify this.

Discuss timelines and logistics together

This is largely to ensure that deadlines will be met and that logistics will be taken care of when using a general contractor. Be sure to ask every question you have in mind to make sure nothing is forgotten.

You’re now well-prepared to contact our recommended professionals. Our network of Edmonton general contractors is waiting for your call.

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