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Smart Reno’s contractor network has been in the making for many years and contains all areas of renovation and construction, from floor renovation to basement remodeling and handyman services. We put very strict requirements in place to only recommend the best experts for foundation repairs in Edmonton.

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Have you noticed a crack in your foundation?

Edmonton winters are often severe and foundations endure significant temperature changes. After some time, foundations can start to crack, causing water infiltration and leading to serious damage. If this concerns you, we strongly recommend calling a foundation repair expert as soon as possible.

Guiding you to the best Edmonton specialists in the shortest amount of time is Smart Reno’s mission. We know that finding trusted contractors is no simple task and extreme situations can cause you to hire people without confirming their reliability. Smart Reno saves you from falling into this trap.

4 signs your foundation needs repairs

When a foundation starts to crack, the appropriate measures must be taken as quickly as possible. Temperature changes and variable weather conditions weaken homes, forcing homeowners to be vigilant and regularly inspect their foundations.

Our recommended professionals will be happy to give you guidance and support during your renovation project.

Cracks appear in your foundation

This is the easiest sign to spot. If you notice foundation cracks, be aware that they don’t necessarily require urgent repairs. In fact, it’s important to differentiate between active cracks (which require immediate attention) and passive ones (which can be fixed later). Have a professional accurately diagnose them.

Water leaks through the foundations

When winter turns to spring and snow begins to melt, water can sometimes seep into your foundation. It is therefore important to carefully check your window edges and wooden floors. At the slightest sign of warping or deformity, we recommend promptly consulting a specialist to assess the cause of the damage and fix the problem.

Foundations are contaminated

Many houses in Edmonton have contaminated foundations. Pyrite is an ore found in aggregates used to make concrete. When in contact with water or air, it causes foundation fill swelling and can lead to cracks. If these signs appear, call a specialist as soon as possible.

Foundations collapse

Significant temperature variations and clay soil are well-known problems in Canada. It’s important to check the condition of all your doors and windows on a regular basis. If some of them become difficult to open or close, you should call a contractor to fix the problem.

You can now spot the main signs that you need foundation repairs. If you have already noticed some of these, call Smart Reno today.

Contact us to explain your needs and we’ll connect you with the best foundation repair experts in Edmonton.