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You want or need to dress up the floor of your home with the installation of a new floor?

A new floor installation or renovation not only improves a room’s aesthetics but also contributes to better soundproofing. Whether you want to give your current home a makeover or update a newly purchased home, installing a new floor is often a great investment.

Nevertheless, it’s important to carefully choose the professional you hire in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. There are many professionals offering floor installation and renovation services in Edmonton, but not all of them are equally experienced or reliable. Smart Reno is here to help you make the right choice by connecting you with trustworthy experts from the get-go.

The most commonly requested flooring installations in Edmonton

Whether they are made of wood, concrete or marble, a home’s floors can suffer a decline in quality over the years. Proper maintenance is needed to preserve their appearance and acoustic insulation. If the renovation or installation is done correctly, your floor will be protected for many years.

Although this type of renovation is less expensive than others, it is still recommended to plan the materials you want to use ahead of time to avoid premature wear.

Here are the 4 most in-demand floor installation and renovation projects in Edmonton:

Sloping floor renovation

The ground beneath your home tends to shift and certain homes may need to update their floors to properly renovate a room. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to ask for several expert opinions and different quotes for fixing the issue.

Tile flooring installation

Whether for a kitchen, a bathroom or an entrance to your home, tile offers many advantages: easy cleaning, many different designs, high moisture resistance. It is an excellent choice that doesn’t require much time to install.

Floating floor installation

Floating flooring is very popular in Edmonton. Available in many colors, it adds genuine personality to your home. Moreover, it can be found in PVC imitation wood for those that can’t be bothered with the high maintenance of natural wood flooring.

Flexible flooring installation, such as linoleum

Linoleum is your best bet for a child’s bedroom or a room where many people regularly come and go. It is very commonly used in schools, gymnasiums and other busy places. Linoleum is also compatible with in-floor heating, making it a fantastic choice.

Now that you have a clearer picture of ​​the type of flooring you can install, you are ready to move on to the next step. Contact the Smart Reno team to find the best flooring installation and renovation experts in Edmonton.