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Why keep an eye on your home's exterior siding wear?

With summer and winter temperatures varying considerably in Alberta, homes often suffer the consequences and tend to wear down quickly. To insure proper insulation and prevent water from seeping into cracks, it is recommended to regularly inspect your exterior siding.

Smart Reno's mission is to make finding qualified contractors for your project as simple as possible. We want you to avoid the unpleasant surprises that come from choosing an inexperienced or unreliable contractor.

Different exterior siding options for your home

Your home’s exterior siding has two main roles. The first being of course the insulation that protects you from the cold and bad weather. The second one being esthetics that add character to your home. Since this type of project is usually quite expensive, it is important to carefully choose your exterior siding contractor so they can offer you a solution based on your needs and your budget.

Smart Reno makes this choice easy for you by connecting you with professionals that are trustworthy, located near you and motivated to take the reins of your project.

Here are the 4 types of exterior siding most commonly found on Edmonton homes.

Stone exterior siding

Highly esthetic and timeless, stone siding is a safe bet and a popular choice for Edmonton residents. Known for its perfect soundproofing, this is an excellent option to consider.

Wood exterior siding

If you are looking to give your home genuine personality, wood siding could be just what you’re looking for. Often used for cottages, it can also suit a townhouse very well. However, be sure to choose a quality wood to prevent premature wear.

Vinyl panel siding

The big advantage of vinyl paneling is its affordability. Being relatively versatile, it is very popular with those on a limited budget but still wanting to have choice when it comes to style.

Fiber cement siding

Edmonton’s harsh winters push homeowners to use fiber cement. Known for its solidity, this siding fares well with the passing of time while offering excellent soundproofing capabilities.

Now that you know the most popular materials used for exterior siding in Edmonton, all you need to do is contact Smart Reno to be connected with qualified contractors that can give you an estimated price and deadline for your project.