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Since its inception, Smart Reno has continuously expanded its contractor network in all renovation and construction sectors, from basement renovation to masonry and home extension projects. Our selection requirements are very strict and guarantee only the best contractors are recommended.

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Your home needs new doors and windows?

Installing new doors and windows can add some authentic personality to your home. It can also lead to savings in the form of better insulation. However, it’s important that the work is carried out by a qualified professional to avoid issues such as premature wear, poor insulation or less than desirable material quality.

Smart Reno specializes in providing you with a shortlist of the best contractors in your area. With our service, you can easily work with trusted professionals with proven experience located near you.

Different door and window installation options in Edmonton

Doors and windows are one of the four main elements that make up a home’s architecture (along with walls, roofs and floors). They play an important decorative and insulating role, while giving the house a unique style.

Smart Reno’s expert network is made up of the best Edmonton door and window installation specialists. For each new project, we select the most motivated contractors that are best suited to your needs so that your renovations are carried out as effectively as possible.

Wood windows

Wood windows are often found in cottages and historic Edmonton homes. Nevertheless, their rustic and traditional style is highly sought-after by those looking to use raw materials and add character to their home. However, it’s worth noting that this material requires regular maintenance.

PVC or vinyl windows

Increasingly popular, PVC or vinyl windows offer excellent insulation at a very competitive price. On the flip side, you’ll need to compromise on color and design choice since it is rather limited.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows have been a great success in Edmonton. They provide excellent insulation and come in a wide variety of colors and designs, making them easily adaptable to any home decoration.

Steel doors

Why not go for a steel door? In addition to being extremely sturdy, steel brings style and excellent insulation to your home at a reasonable price. Moreover, there is a wide range of glass panes to choose from so everyone can find a style that matches their own taste.

Now that you have a good idea what type of material you can use for door and window installation, you are ready to contact the Smart Reno team. Our experts are waiting for your call to offer their advice and get your project started.