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Want to give your home some color and vibrancy?

Find the best painting contractors in your area with Smart Reno's fast, cost-effective and reliable services. Giving your home a new twist has never been so simple!

Why trust a house painter to do work at your home?

Over time, some paint in your home will turn yellow, peel off or simply not be pleasing anymore. Renovations become necessary and there is certainly no shortage of choices to be made!

To avoid becoming overburdened with your renovations, call Smart Reno! We will help you find the best painting services near you so that you can collaborate with an available and qualified contractor. Here are some tips to properly plan your painting work.

Choose your colors wisely

Color choice is probably the most interesting moment when painting your home, as well as the most decisive. Make sure you are happy with your choice! Test color combinations using color swatches or “tester” paint buckets such as those by Dulux. This way, you can be sure to avoid disappointment when the work is done.

Choose the right time for your work

To ensure consistent drying and a more comfortable work environment, take the time to consider your choice of dates when hiring your house painter! Summer temperatures cause paint to dry too quickly, which can affect the durability of the paint film. On the flipside, cold and humidity make the paint sticky and difficult to apply. Be vigilant!

Select the right finish

Matte, satin or shiny? The choice of finish, which may at first appear simple, should be carried out with caution! If in doubt, ask your house painter for advice.

Avoid a matte finish for very busy rooms, bathrooms, or if you have children, as this type of paint is more difficult to maintain. Shiny finishes can reveal some of the imperfections of your wall. As for satin, it is universal. Make the right choice!

Test new paint types

How about a wall that you can write, draw or set any decorations on effortlessly? This is all possible with some new types of paint!

Use chalkboard paint in your children's rooms to allow them to express their creativity, and liven up your kitchen with magnetised paint to complement your recipes and grocery lists for a bold effect!

Smart Reno allows you to quickly find the most qualified painting services and begin your work stress-free! Contact us for more information or simply submit your project!