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What is a general contractor?

A general contractor organizes and oversees large construction projects. For residential properties, this could be a home extension, remodeling project, or a basement finishing project. Working with a general contracting professional means that you do not have to worry about managing the various renovation disciplines of the project.

The general contractor will hire specialist subcontractors to handle the different jobs within the larger renovation. For example, they will find a qualified plumber to handle to plumbing, an electrician to work on the electrical system, and painters, tile experts, carpenters, and so on to work on their own specialty.

A general contractor will be able to help you figure out a complete cost for your renovation, remodel, or extension project. Because they handle each aspect of the project, you do not have to worry about the stress of coordinating it yourself.

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Do you need a general or specialised contractor?

The type of contractor that you need will depend on your construction project. If your construction work is focused on one or two different things, such as new tiles and countertops, you may be able to hire one or two kitchen specialists to do the jobs seperately.

For a complete renovation, hiring specialists yourself might not be a good strategy. You might think that you can save money by doing it yourself, but if you factor in the time and energy it takes to manage multiple contractors, not to mention the potential for mistakes given a lack of experience, you’ll likely find that tackling a complex project on your own ends up being more expensive.

Why choose a general contractor?

  • They can include the cost of all materials for the project. This may be cheaper than getting each specialist to source their own materials.
  • Secondly, a general contractor will be able to make sure that every aspect of the project is accounted for before it starts. This is an essential advantage of using general contractors.
  • Good contractors work on projects all the time, so they will know exactly what is required. If you do not account for one aspect of the project, all the specialty contractors will have to stop work while you go and find an electrician, plumber, or other professional to handle to the necessary job that you overlooked.
  • Finally, a general contractor will know about all necessary building codes and permit requirements. They will make sure that the building is up to code and the project meets all legal requirements.

To summarize, if you are getting minor projects completed, you may choose to work with a specialized contractor. However, if you are doing a large project such as renovating an entire room, upgrading an entire home, finishing a basement, or adding an extension, then finding a general contractor is almost always the best option.


5 reasons you should call a general contractor

  • 1
    For simplicity Good general contractors will guarantee high quality work, including the work handled by subcontractors. This means that you will only have to deal with one person, the general contractor, and not with each different subcontractor.
  • 2
    For professionalism General contractors can provide project management. A general contractor will oversee each aspect of a renovation project. They will make sure that everything is done correctly and according to code. These contractors will make sure that everything is planned correctly upfront to minimize unexpected delays or costs.
  • 3
    To save time The property owner can expect faster completion of the renovation. A general contractor will provide you with a timeframe for the project. Since they are coordinating all the different aspects of the project, they should be able to provide you with an estimated completion date, and they should be able to keep the project on schedule.
  • 4
    To avoid stress and problems A contractor can handle unexpected problems. A good general contractor should have problem solving skills that come from on-the-job experience. They can hire a different subcontractor, call in a repair person, deal with job site accidents, or perform other problem-solving duties. If you do not have a general contractor, then the problem solving would be your duty.
  • 5
    For protection General contractors provide a source of accountability. If something goes wrong, you will know who to contact. Furthermore, the contractor will have some arrangement in place to deal with the subcontractors to get them to fix any problems that arise.

What to look out for when choosing a general contractor?

Good construction companies will be very transparent during the estimate process. They should give you a final cost without hesitation, and they should be forthcoming when you ask for information and examples of past projects. The right contractor may even be able to connect you with past clients who can give you a review of their experience. Furthermore, you should look for contractors who have experience in your area. For example, if you live in Toronto, you should get a contractor who works in the city, or at least in nearby cities in Ontario.

The other things to consider when looking for a general contractor are licensing and insurance. Contractors in Canada should have the necessary licenses to operate in the city and province where your home is located.


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Are general contractors considered more expensive?

In the construction industry, general contractors are usually not considered the most expensive. Because of the benefits mentioned earlier, you may save money in the long run by getting a general contractor instead of hiring specialist contractors yourself. If you would like to do the research yourself, you can collect bids from qualified contractors right here on Smart Reno, and see if the cost of your project is cheaper with a general contractor.

Some general contractors might be more expensive, but if you get enough bids for your project, you can compare prices and find one that has the right balance of experience and cost.

A general contractor can help you with many projects

General contractors often handle construction management for home renovation projects and large real estate improvement projects. In addition to whole home renovation, a general contractor could offer project management services for:

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Making renovation plan

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