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What they say about Smartreno? Easy and fast service that show me the best company at the right price for my projects.

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Joliette, QC

What they say about Smartreno? Excellent tool for getting quotes quickly and efficiently.


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Does your electrical installation need to be renovated or replaced?

SmartReno helps you find the best electrical contractors in your area. Quickly find a trusted expert to help with your installation. Don’t delay your renovations any longer, and trust the expertise of SmartReno!

Why use an electrician to renovate installations?

Heating, lighting, hot water: there are many vital benefits of electricity. This is why it is important to keep your electrical installation in good condition. Additionally, this allows you to avoid any risks to your home.

Even if some renovation projects seem feasible for DIY enthusiasts, it is still advisable to call a specialist electrician to ensure your safety.

Adding plugs or new switches

It can be frustrating not having enough outlets available to plug in all your electrical appliances. Much like the absence of power switches in some places, these flaws are common and can quickly become a problem. To fix this, a qualified electrician will know how to guide you!

Installing a light fixture or chandeliers

To improve the brightness of your home, the installation of a light fixture or chandelier is often recommended. Contributing light and decorative style, they are a perfect fit for your home!

Repair damaged electrical installations

Is your power switch no longer working? Is the wall outlet in your bathroom damaged? Have some cables been cut? No matter the problem, SmartReno will recommend the best experts to repair your damaged electrical installations before any harm occurs.

Replacing an electrical panel

An electrical panel is central to the proper functioning of your various installations: it prevents electrical overload and, therefore, fire hazards. If in doubt as to its proper functioning, it is important to seek professional advice as soon as possible.

With SmartReno, you can quickly find the right professional to help you renovate your electrical installations. Take a leap forward and get your project started today! Submit your renovation project!