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Tips from Smart Reno for your basement renovation

Laundry room

TV home theater

If you are considering basement renovations, you will want to find a contractor who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to give you the results that you want while staying within your budget. This is definitely a project worth considering because a finished basement can increase the available living space in your home and add to its resale value.

Cost-Efficient and Practical Living Space

A finished basement can be the easiest and most-cost-effective way to add living space to your home. Given the opportunity, you should find ways to get the most use out of your basement:

  • Entertainment rooms
  • Bathroom
  • New bedroom
  • Home cinema
  • Washing room

Laundry room

TV home theater

Play room

Bar basement


How much do basement renovations cost?

The easiest way to figure out the cost of a basement renovation is to estimate the cost per square foot of floor space. Then, you can add other features such as a bathroom to complete your finished basement. Each of these extras, especially if they require new plumbing or electrical, will add to the overall cost of the project.

Example of price for a basement renovation project

Basement renovation of 600 ft2 with flooring, installation of a small bathroom, living room, flooring and painting:

Type of renovation Predictable budget
Economic $ $38,000 to $58,000
Standard $$ $48,000 to $72,000
High end $$$ $64,000 to $98,000
Cost Estimator

Want to calculate how much could your basement cost? Check out our cost estimator.


Smart Reno
Tips & Tricks

"Think about the layout of your rooms before starting renovations. If you want to transform part of your basement into a room for the visit or for your children, remember that it is mandatory to have a window. It is therefore much simpler to install a room where there is already an opening rather than piercing the concrete to create an emergency exit (the estimated cost of about $2,000)."

Idea to keep costs low on your basement renovation

Raw materials

A basement is usually a very large space and, for this reason, it is expensive to revonate. Depending on what you want to do, you may need to consider redoing plumbing and electricity, among other things if you want to create a new bathroom or laundry room.

Before you even think about the decoration, you will have to think about making the place livable: it is essential to insulate your foundation. Walls and floors must also be airtight and moisture-proof to prevent possible mold issues.

There are several ways to reduce the costs of the renovation depending on your project.

  • 1
    Shop sales and liquidations to get better prices on your materials.
  • 2
    Paint the concrete slab: if your concrete slab is in good condition, no cracks, flat and well cleaned, you can consider having it painted. It will save you from investing in floors or carpeting.
  • 3
    Leave the stairs in raw materials: the manufacturing of stairs is expensive. That's why using raw wood could allow you to make great savings on your total budget.
  • 4
    Choose an epoxy for your floor: It’s a very resistant material, washable and does not flake. It settles directly on the concrete slab (about $2.5 per square foot). Ideal for a modern and economical finish!

Here are some examples of more affordable materials:



Foam squares

Foam squares

<span class="title">Epoxy</span>


The price of a floating floor is obviously less than that of a hardwood floor. Remember that you are in a basement: do you really want to invest in high quality materials for the floor of your basement, knowing the potential for water damage?

Instead of redoing the walls and ceiling, you can opt to cover them with curtains or fabric, or you can also paint the ceiling beams in white to give a more chic and rustic effect to the room, if you do not have to deal with too many wires and pipes.

In recent years, wood pallet walls are also fashionable; it is an inexpensive alternative and gives a very trendy rustic effect. There is a host of other ideas available on the internet, and by digging a bit you'll find many ways to transform your basement at a lower cost.

Home Theater
Reading corner
Kitchen basement
Gym basement, play room
Bathroom basement
Kitchen basement

Basement renovation pitfalls to avoid

To avoid having to deal with problems such as mold, seepage or water backup in your future basement, it is very important to make sure that the work is well done.

Check the waterproofing of your foundation. Your French drain must absolutely work properly before the start of a renovation to prevent possible water leaks.

Install a vapor barrier, which can also add to the R value of your basement, but primarily works to prevent moisture and mold. You must also seal visible cracks in the basement; consult a contractor if they are more than 3.2 millimeters wide.

Check that your walls, floor and ceiling are well insulated to prevent significant heat loss. Remember to insulate your pipes: for example, the insulation of your water heater increases its energy efficiency by up to 20%, which saves you a lot in the long run.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your check valve, otherwise you will have to deal with municipal sewer backup. You must clean the valve door regularly and check that the seal is tight.

A common mistake is not considering the possibility of combining more than one of your home renovation projects. Contractors may offer a lower price on labor if you combine a basement renovation project with bathroom renovations or a kitchen renovation. Don’t forget to ask a contractor if they offer discounts if you hire them for multiple projects. Some may offer payment plans to make this financially feasible.

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