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Are you planning major renovations, but don’t know where to begin organizing the coordination of the different aspects of your project?

Have you thought about hiring a general contractor who will coordinate and oversee the completion of all the work you want done? Whether you live in the city of Calgary or one of its charming suburbs, Smart Reno can help you find the best general contractors in the area, and it's totally free!

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How do you choose the right general contractor for your work in Calgary?

Choosing a contractor to carry out your renovation work can often bring about anxiety in homeowners. This is even more apparent when one must entrust multiple projects to a single general contractor!

That's why Smart Reno provides Calgary residents with free services to find certified, trustworthy contractors that will take care of the entirety of your work.

Discover our tips on how to choose the right candidate below.

Communication with your contractor: it's important!

From choosing your floors to selecting the colors of your walls, make sure to always maintain an active dialogue with your general contractor. After all, no one knows better than you exactly what you would like to have in your newly renovated home. To be fully satisfied with the end result, you and your contractor must come to a mutual understanding!

General contractor or specialist: is there a difference?

Indeed, there is a considerable difference between a general contractor and a specialist contractor! The former has all the necessary certifications to supervise all the work that will be done on your home. All certificates issued to the general contractor are authenticated by the relevant governmental authorities. In the case of the latter, their expertise is only guaranteed in specific fields and therefore they cannot claim the same qualifications as the general contractor.

Coordination of the various projects

The simultaneous supervision of several projects can be very complex. By choosing an experienced and certified general contractor, you ensure that the contractor has the skills to manage the progression of several projects at the same time.

Sub-contracting for certain tasks

It is possible that a general contractor does not have all the professional resources needed to perform certain tasks. In this case, it is not unusual for them to decide to entrust certain tasks to third parties. Be sure to discuss this with your general contractor early on in the renovation process to find out what responsibilities will be outsourced and what your contractor will do internally. .

Know that by using Smart Reno's services, you can ensure that your home renovations are handled by general contractors who are recognized for the excellence of their work in the Calgary area.

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