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Are you looking for a specialist to build, inspect, or repair the foundations of your home?

Thanks to Smart Reno, you can find a certified and reliable contractor to trust with your foundation work in the Calgary area and benefit from the guarantee of a professional service that will go beyond even your most demanding expectations!

Before laying your foundations, consider these 4 problems that may require quick repair

Varying seasonal temperatures in the Calgary area are often the cause of accelerated deterioration of building foundations.

This is why it is vital to call upon real experts when it comes time to build your foundations, inspect them or repair a crack.

Here are the 4 risks that may require immediate work from certified specialists.

Foundation cracks

There are many causes of foundation cracking, but the path to follow after its discovery remains the same: call on an expert who will be able to inspect your foundations and carry out the necessary work to give your house optimal stability and strength. Even if the crack seems minor, keep in mind that without the necessary repairs it could quickly and suddenly threaten the durability of your foundations. Therefore, don’t take any risks!

Moisture infiltration

Whether in winter or summer, no home is immune to moisture infiltration in an area like Calgary. Sometimes difficult to notice, these infiltrations can cause considerable damage and weaken your foundations. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Do you notice any swelling in your window frames or floors? Don’t wait any longer and let Smart Reno find you a trusted expert!

Pyrite and other soil contamination

Pyrite is a real nightmare for homeowners in large urban areas such as Calgary! An expert certified to inspect and repair foundations will recognize pyrite or any other type of soil contamination and provide you with advice on preventing or controlling possible damage.

Home foundation subsidence

The soil in Calgary and the Canadian prairies doesn’t always offer the best stability for housing foundations. Thawing and general wear-and-tear over time can quietly threaten the condition of the base of your home. From one day to the next, serious damage can take effect on your home. You should always consult qualified professionals when it comes to building or repairing your foundations.

With Smart Reno, quickly finding the most reliable contractors to lay, inspect and repair your foundations in Calgary has never been easier.

For more details, contact us now! Once you’re ready, submit your project and we will send you quotes very quickly!